Appletree Business Services:
 Hosted Quickbooks

Hosted Quickbooks / Software Support

We offer Quickbooks data storage on our cloud computers as well as customized support to set up the systems and procedures to make your accounting package a smoothly-functioning aspect of your daily activities.


This is what our software support services includes...

Hosted Quickbooks

In addition to our bookkeeping, tax, and payroll services, all of our clients get complimentary access to their Quickbooks data via Quickbooks Online or our Hosted system for Quickbooks Desktop. This assures you that your software is available to you when you need it, wherever you need it from.

Quickbooks Alternative

Small business owners can also use, as an alternative, our complimentary, proprietary software, Professional Business Manager (PBM). Whatever your choice, we will get involved in reviewing the software, making appropriate changes so it serves your needs.

Software Support

We understand accounting systems and know how to combine that with the understanding of small business. We can help you develop the systems and procedures to make your accounting package a smoothly-functioning aspect of your daily activities, giving you the certainty of knowing that you’ve got a valuable business tool available when you need it!

Your Team of
Bookkeeping Experts

With Appletree Business Services as your bookkeeper, all you have to do is send us your documents, QuickBooks file, or simply let us know when you’re done for the month if you’re on our Hosted Software services. We prepare your bank account reconciliations, monthly close-outs and review and send your financial and management reports within 15 days of receiving the information from you.

Accurate & Up-to-Date Financial Records

24/7 Online Access to Your Accounting Information

Review of Financial & Management Reports

Peace of Mind During Tax Season & CPA Supervised

Let’s Help Eliminate Your Stress

If you choose Appletree Business Services for your bookkeeping, payroll or tax needs, you’ll find that good things begin to happen in your business. Your common financial challenges will become simple with a clear map to create your ideal situation. More than that, we’ll identify your “typical” stresses and help make them go away.