Appletree Business Services:
 Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying or selling a business can be life changing. It's also overwhelming and complex. Our team has experience buying businesses and working with plenty of clients who are buying or selling.


Looking to Buy a Business ?

Quality of Earnings

Due diligence support and expert review of financials to make sure you’re buying a solid business for a fair price

Cash Flow Modeling

Forward looking models for post close scenarios of investment, debt coverage, as well as good and bad scenarios.


Feedback on acquisition strategy, deal structure, and referrals to professionals from a team who's done acquisitions themselves.

Post Close Accounting

We'll have you ready with modern, smooth accounting for after closing.


Looking to Sell a Business ?


Get ready for the sales process by having your operations and financials ready.


Messy financials are the #1 deal killer with potential buyers. Get your bookkeeping and taxes in order to maximize your sale price.

Tax Advisory

Understand what the tax implications are of selling and ways to structure a deal.

Let’s Help Eliminate Your Stress

If you choose Appletree Business Services for your bookkeeping, payroll or tax needs, you’ll find that good things begin to happen in your business. Your common financial challenges will become simple with a clear map to create your ideal situation. More than that, we’ll identify your “typical” stresses and help make them go away.